Bio-energy work with humans and animals

May 6th, 4-7 pm
May 7th, 10 am-1 pm
Cost: $10 for each class

The Raindrop massage technique utilizes several powerful oils that support every system in the body.  The Bio-Energy technique uses a unique blend of oils and supports all systems of the body, particularly focusing on the lymphatic system.  Used on the feet, legs, and spine, these and other essential oils can be used safely on your pets, yourself, and your horse.

Myles, a horseman, and trainer for 50 years has been successful with students and horses in the show ring and in endurance riding. He was an Agricultural Industry advisor on a USDA board for 12 years.  Nancy is certified in Aromatherapy and Raindrop and Reiki and other modalities.  They have used non-toxic, Young Living essential oils for the past 17 years.  Together they help strengthen and uplift your healthy lifestyle.  

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