Ways to donate

At Happy Hooves Equine Rescue we always appreciate your donation. We often get asked about items that you or your business could donate to the rescue that could make things better for the horses. Below are a few examples of items that we are always in need of.

  1. Wood Chips, fill dirt, rock, and concrete
    We are always in need of these items to improve our footing and drainage around the farm, if you or your business is looking to dispose of such items please contact us.
  2. Limestone
    We are always in need of limestone
  3. Vegetable plants, Fruit plants/trees
    We are seeking these items to create a community garden for our community and to give fresh grown fruits and veggies during our summer camps!
  4. Planters
    we are always seeking unique and simple planters that we can grow fruits, veggies, and flowers in. Raised flower beds, large buckets etc.
  5. Craft Supplies
    Pens, markers, crayons (broken ones are okay!), paper, coloring books, and paint.
  6. Order a t-shirt or hoodie from our online store!