Our Wish List

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Your business can become a Corporate Sponsor!  You can increase your brand or business awareness by sponsoring a horse and placing a banner in the arena. 

The horses wish list:

    1. A gift card to their favorite feed store.  The feed store welcomes calls for anyone wanting to donate an amount to the Happy Hooves Account. They also stock the treats, fly spray, Buteless and several more goodies the horses love!                 Phone: 636-327-0594   /   Email: APLUS.NUTRITION@YAHOO.COM
    2. Alfalfa or Timothy pellets. Most feed stores and Rural King’s carry 40 -50 lb. bags.
    3. Good small or large hay bales.  The rescue uses over 3000 bales a year for the horses. Unfortunately we do not have the storage for big round bales.
    4. Buteless – 5lbs. will last almost 2 weeks. Prices vary at feed stores or online shops.
    5. Monterey Bay Spice Company – https://www.herbco.com.    We use a lot of natural herbs with the horses that like to eat them.   Horses left in pastures where herbs grow wild will pick and choose the ones their bodies instinctively know they need. Some common ones used are  Raspberry leaf c/s,  Garlic powder, Turmeric root powder,  White willow bark powder, Devil’s claw root, Boswellia serrata, CalendulaCalendulaComfrey.
    6. Rubber stall mats
    7. 100 gallon and larger water troughs
    8. Equine fresh pellet bedding found at Rural King.
    9. Loose salt ($6.99 at Rural King)
    10. MSM – The horses need a lot of MSM due to the fact MSM has multiple uses for horses. It is primarily thought of as an arthritis supplement and pain medication but has other actions as well. Boosting the immune system is also considered to be a benefit of MSM supplementation. The main actions of MSM for horses are to reduce inflammation and improve circulation. 

Our wish list for the farm:

1. A rubbermaid farm cart! A standard wheelbarrow requires 2 hands but a farm cart can easily be pulled with one hand.  The volunteers work hard and either would be appreciated. Available at hardware and farm stores. New or used!

2. Semi load of Agricultural lime
3. Small 4-wheel drive tractor
4. Large lawn rakes
5. Stable forks
6. Hard bristle scrubbing brushes, various size
7. Industrial size fans and large box fans
8. Electrician – The arena needs outlets and electrical upgrades are needed. Donations are needed for materials and labor cost.
9. 4 wheeler and small trailer to take hay out to the pastures.
10. 12 gage extenstion cords

Household / office supplies

  1. Hot/Cold water cooler
  2. OxiClean
  3. Dry erase pens
  4. dry erase board cleaner
  5. 55 and 65 gallon trash bags
  6. Large plastic storage containers with lids

Gift Cards

  1. Home Depot
  2. Lowes
  3. Ace Hardware
  4. Grocery Store (Sam’s Club) We do a lot of grocery shopping before the Pony Ride Fundraiser day.
  5. Michaels or Hobby Lobby. We shop for craft items the kids can make on the fundraiser days.
  6. Office supply stores

Your donated items can be a tax deduction for you.
Please consult with your tax professional.