• Education

    Horse Equipment Basics

    This page is written with the intention of educating HHER adopters, students, and other new horse owners about the BASICS needed for horse interaction. This is not a complete list of ALL options available, however, after 47 years of horse experience, we have tried a few products. We find that simple is best, buy quality and you only buy it ONCE, the horse’s comfort provides safety and fun for their owners!! As well as the horses, which is ALWAYS our FIRST PRIORITY! The FIRST level in creating a partnership with your horse is getting to know them. Grooming is how horses get to know each other, find herd security, and…

  • Camps

    Junior Summer Camp

    A fun and educational camp created for 13-18-year-olds. We will be covering ALL aspects of feeding, grooming, safety measures, herd dynamic basics, riding disciplines, riding equipment, basic riding skills, and basic ground handling skills. Since Happy Hooves is a rescue, we receive horses (and other animals) that require help with balancing their health needs. Their health needs include, but are not limited to; hoof care, veterinary practices, dental benefits, chiropractic balancing, myofascial release massage, Reiki, aromatherapy, magnetic therapy, herbal treatments, etc. All of these modalities will be touched on as we use them daily to help horses feel their best.

  • Summer Camp

    Great for beginners ages 8-12!! We offer summer camp between the month of June. During summer camp, campers will learn about basic equine care while also learning about rescue horses while also learning basic riding skills. During camp, campers will learn about feeding and basic care of horses, grooming and why it is important, tacking and the type of equipment required to ride. Each day campers will get a new task to learn and help take care of “their” horse so each day is different. FAQ What time is camp? 8 am to 12 pm What ages do you allow? Campers must be between ages 8-12 years old What should…

  • Events

    Bio-energy work with humans and animals

    May 6th, 4-7 pmMay 7th, 10 am-1 pmCost: $10 for each class The Raindrop massage technique utilizes several powerful oils that support every system in the body.  The Bio-Energy technique uses a unique blend of oils and supports all systems of the body, particularly focusing on the lymphatic system.  Used on the feet, legs, and spine, these and other essential oils can be used safely on your pets, yourself, and your horse. Myles, a horseman, and trainer for 50 years has been successful with students and horses in the show ring and in endurance riding. He was an Agricultural Industry advisor on a USDA board for 12 years.  Nancy is…

  • How you can help

    Gift Certificates!

    Give the gift of a horse experience this holiday to your horse lover in your life! This gift will thrill the child or adult in your life! Gift certificate will be digital and sent to you via email within 48 hours. To sign up visit our Gift Certificate form here!

  • How you can help

    Sponsor a horse and make a difference!

    Why should I sponsor a horse? Sponsoring a horse is a wonderful way to help if you have limited time space or finances and can’t commit to a lifetime of horse care. It is an opportunity to make a difference by directly helping one of the rescued horses. Your monthly donation will help provide feed, supplements, medical treatment, rehabilitation, and other costs that are directly associated with your sponsorship. Sponsorship can be a great gift idea or an excellent program for groups or organizations. Rescued horses are usually in need of special care from extra feed, and supplements to medical care. This can be very expensive care for the rescue…

  • Camps

    Sumer Camp Outline

    Thank you for coming to camp! We have lots of fun activities planned. We will be following the CDC guidelines for safety during camp time. Wash stations and sanitizers will be used as well as social distancing. What to wear: Please wear jeans, yoga pants, leggings, or riding breeches. No shorts or open-toed shoes. We prefer riding boots with no more than a one-inch heel. What to bring:Please bring a water bottle and a small snack.Bring your favorite book to read to the horses! First day of camp: *Camp will start promptly at 8 am* We ask that you please stay in your car when dropping off, we will have…

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    Meet Nugget our newest addition!

    We would like to announce the newest addition to the rescue! Please welcome Nugget!Nugget is a 20-year-old Halflinger gelding. Nugget has had a severe ACL injury about 7 months ago in his hind left leg and is in need of rehabilitation to get his condition healed. Since arriving at Happy Hooves we have found Nugget to be very sweet. He loves human attention and is very playful. Hopefully, he will be able to heal and start teaching visitors how to care for horses. Help us help Nugget get the best rehabilitation care available so he can be a productive member with a purpose.