Surrender Your Horse

Can you take my horse?
At Happy Hooves Equine Rescue we get calls daily asking if we can take in horses. Though we wish we could take in every horse in need, due to funding and space we cannot.

We love our animals like family, and there are many things to consider before surrendering your horse, including horses’ age, temperament, how bonded it is with you or the facility it is kept at. Before considering surrendering your horse please consider all these options, as stress in a new environment can be detrimental to the horse.

If you have exhausted all your options and would like us to consider your horse please email us the following information:
Name/Breed of horse
Age of horse
Current health Condition of horse
Past injuries or health conditions of the horse
Vet records
Reason for surrendering horse
Documentation to show proof of ownership of the horse
The more details provided the better.


Once we receive the information our board of directors will make a decision.