Horse Equipment Basics

This page is written with the intention of educating HHER adopters, students, and other new horse owners about the BASICS needed for horse interaction. This is not a complete list of ALL options available, however, after 47 years of horse experience, we have tried a few products. We find that simple is best, buy quality and you only buy it ONCE, the horse’s comfort provides safety and fun for their owners!! As well as the horses, which is ALWAYS our FIRST PRIORITY!

The FIRST level in creating a partnership with your horse is getting to know them. Grooming is how horses get to know each other, find herd security, and relax during the day. When you are grooming your horse you are creating a sense of knowing and security with each other.
This is why grooming tools are so important. The best place to start is to understand that natural/quality tools last a lifetime and give your horse the best feeling while grooming. Synthetic/plastic bristles have a tendency to create static “shock” (Like socks scooting across a rug!) and do not remove much dirt in the process. There are many grooming tools made from synthetic compounds that may or may not work for some horses. Just be aware that your horse might NOT like them. When horses don’t like a grooming tool they will show signs such as; tail swishing, ear pinning, moving away from where you are grooming them, stomping, and at extreme trying to bite or kick you during grooming.

There are many good brands of grooming tools. Some names of well-made, quality brushes are:
Winner’s Circle, Epona, and there are several others from countries such as England, France, Germany, Italy, and others.

We have discovered a BASIC KIT that is a good start for persons wanting to invest in good quality grooming equipment. It does not contain every kind of brush available, but it gives a nice start to well-meaning horse owners at a reasonable price.
Horze Equestrian Wood Grooming Tools and Tote
Happy Horse Pro Rubber Hoof Pick & Brush


Most of our horses also ride in rope side pulls. These headstalls have more control than a bit inside the mouth. We use them as a natural alternative to riding communication with horses as the signals can not be misunderstood. The reason these rope halters work so well is that they work off of pressure points on the horse’s head. Have you ever heard LESS is MORE? Well, when it comes to halters that would be the case as well. Do a simple test. Poke yourself with one finger and then with your fist, which applies more pressure? Your finger of course. These halters work on that same principle, it is not very comfortable for them to lean or pull on a halter made from a smaller diameter material. These halters will not break if your horse should get it caught on something, so please don’t leave them on your horses when unattended.

AB Side Pull-1/4″ soft rope-adult horse size-plain rope nose with standard knots. There are many colors and “extra pretty” decorations that can be added to these headstalls.

Reins-1/2″ loop sport Rein– 8 feet is our length of choice, water loops-snaps-paracord ties-double braid rope, many colors and lengths to choose from.
Lead Ropes-We use 12 feet leads, for groundwork and play, however, you may get different lengths. (8ft-23ft) 1/2″x12′ lead/popper-weighted popper end-double braid. We also order this item with a loop end and a bolt snap. (for connection to the halters)


  1. As a reminder, not every saddle fits every horse!
  2. The saddle fit for the horse is a bit SAFTEY BONUS for the rider. Most accidents occur with the poor-fitting saddle as it throws the rider off balance, creating a biting effect on the horse’s back.
  3. MOST of our horses have come to us as a result of being ridden in poor-fitting saddles and their reaction to the paint of it. Due to their sensitivity, they will not tolerate a poor fit for very long. This situation can become dangerous with the horses bolting or bucking to get away from the pain. This is the number one reason people got rid of their horses.

With these points made, there are things you can do:

  1. Educate yourself on saddle fitting (always educate yourself!)
  2. Find a saddle fitter to professionally help you find and fit a saddle.

Luckily we have 25 years of professional saddle fitting experience right here to help adopters and horses find their best fit! This is a courtesy we offer to our adopters once they adopt one of our rescue horses.

Since our top priority is horses and rider wellness. We also offer professional saddle fitting for horses that have not been adopted from HHER.
Please contact us for appointment times.
$100 per session within 50 miles
as many saddles as you would like to try on your horse.
Includes A phone conversation about your needs and your horse’s needs. A personal in-person appointment to fit saddles.