Become a Volunteer!

Happy hooves has no paid staff and appreciates all the hard work the volunteers do. We always need volunteers (age 16 and up) to help with the daily chores and projects around the farm. If the daily horse chores is not your thing we also need volunteers to help with our parties, group events, fundraisers, grant writing and gardening.

To get involved fill out the volunteer application form and it E-mail it to or drop it off at the rescue.
You will also need to print out the liability release form.

Daily chores are 7 days a week, rain or shine. We begin at 8am every morning. Some of the daily chores include:
Getting the horses feed ready. Some horses need their grain soaked.
Putting feed in appropriate stalls.
Bringing the horses in to be fed. Turning them out to the day pasture.
Filling water buckets in the stalls. Cleaning buckets as needed.
Checking all pasture water troughs filling or cleaning when needed.
Raking the stall isle way and the arena.
Mucking stalls when needed.
Rake and clean up the mini’s area and the outside pens.
Grooming horses if experience allows.
Cleaning and organizing tack.
Watering the arena when needed.

As needed:
Help with birthday parties.
Help with scouting events.
Help with groups visiting.
Help with the weeding/limb pick up.
Pony ride fundraiser days, help with food, making crafts with the children, face painting.
Helping with set up on our Trivia night.
Help with obtaining silent auction items for our Trivia night.

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