Seniors Visiting Seniors!

I am SOOOOO EXCITED! Here it is. The moment you’ve all been waiting for…

So…as you all know, there have been many things happening at Happy Hooves Equine Rescue. This shift & evolve thing has been challenging for us, to say the least. Your patience with us has been above and beyond. Thank you for that.
So here we go…let’s share some details about this NEW thing.

Seniors Visiting Seniors

This is going to be a groundbreaking and exciting program focused on senior humans visiting with our elderly horse population. (An elderly horse is any horse over 20 years old. These horses are retired from riding or driving. We currently house 18 of our 25 horses that are considered elderly.)

Just like our aging human population, we are seeing horses (and other animals) living MUCH longer lives than just 20 years ago. These horses are NOT finished teaching, healing, and helping.

So what a perfect pairing, right? 😃

Here’s an example of what can happen during a session:

Watching the horses eat
Meet & Greet the horses. Learn their stories- encourages ADL skills
Pet & Give treats. We encourage participants to prepare & bring their own treats. (Encourages IDL skills)
You can find our list of acceptable treats HERE.
Observe the horses during their physical therapy sessions. (YES! Horses have physical therapy just like humans. 🙂)
Groom, read, sing, or just reminisce with the horses.
As always, we encourage questions!!!
I mean, this is a WIN-WIN for everyone involved!!!
And get this… we are offering these sessions for the founder’s price of only
$25 each… 🤯

Or as a gift for that special senior who has EVERYTHING we are offering a really cool deal:

1 Seniors visiting Seniors experience (this can be in person or virtual!😀)


1 month horse sponsorship (you get private email updates about the horse you are helping)


A special invitation to our exclusive Family of Donors Page on FB and YouTube where you will get to see special videos, updates and a behind the scenes look at what’s going on at the rescue and in the lives of the horses here.

All of this☝️for only $100 😀

Are you as excited about this as I am???? 📣🎉🤩

Let’s get these seniors & elders together to help each other.
However, that may be:
Grooming, petting, talking, reminiscing, physical motion, and lots of good quality time BE-ing.