Adoption Requirements

Adopting a horse from Happy Hooves Equine Rescue is a day 30 day process.

Why, you ask.
HHER strives to find the forever homes for the rescues that are here. We are not a sale barn where one would just look, buy and take home. At times people buy horses then find out the horse does not have the personality they were looking for or the temperament they thought the horse would have. Maybe a horse is suited for a more advanced rider or be a perfect fit for a beginner. There are times owners have a goal in mind and the horse chosen will not have the ability to help them reach their goals.

HHER is dedicated to provide a new purpose in life for the horses here. Our mission is to match rehabilitated horses with educated, responsible and caring owners. In the 30 days you and your potentially new family member develop a great bond and hopefully they have found their forever home. We don’t want to hide anything from you. You will get an honest assessment of the horse because our goal is to match you with a horse that fits you needs, heart and home! We pass along all information we have on the horse including but not limited to the feed that works best, supplements that help that particular horses and equipment fit that works the best. At the end of the 30 days you will have the ability to help the horse settle into a new home due to the trust they have in you.

The horses available for adoption are looking for forever homes. We are sorry but we will not be adopting them to a facility for lessons or summer camp situations.  We know these horses well. While some did do lessons they are at a point in their lives they want a family to love and bond with. Others are awesome to be with and they never did well asking them to provide lessons and camps.

Adoption Requirements:

    • At the beginning of the 30 day process a $325.00 down payment is required.
    • Includes use of all equipment necessary to work with the horse you have chosen.
    • 8 riding & care lessons during the 30 days to practice skills and develop a partnership with your potentially new family member.
    • After 30 days the balance of the adoption fee is required before the horse leaves the premises.

Adoption fees may vary by horse based on their age, health, soundness, and manners, both on the ground and under saddle.

What are you looking for? What are your goals and skill level? Looking for a mount for casual riding? A pasture pet to be company for a horse you already own? Can you work with a young horse that needs additional training? New to riding or haven’t ridden since childhood a sound senior horse might be your choice.
The adoption fee can be a tax deduction. Please consult your tax professional.

Happily Adopted!