Summer Camp


Beginner Kids Camp-kids Farm Fun camp $300
8 am – 11 am Monday thru Friday
Ages 7-10

This camp is geared towards those who are beginners and interested in all things animals.
The camp will include:

*Introduction to brushing, basic care, and horse safety
*Horse demonstrations-Lunging, groundwork, and riding demos
*Get to observe the veterinary and hoof care, practitioner (farrier)
*Introduction to basic riding- Similar to a pony ride
*Games-Fun farm games
*Learn and play with goats
*Learn about chickens and why they are essential on a farm
*Bubble Machines and water balloons

Horse Crazy Camp $400
7:30 am – 11 am Monday thru Friday
9-15 years olds
This camp is geared towards kids who are all about horses and are interested in all aspects of learning about horses. During camp they will be doing the following:

Morning Feeding
Brushing/grooming and safety around horses
Saddling, bridling, haltering
leading and tying
Riding Skills-Mounting/dismounting, walk, trot, backup, steering through obstacles, body balance, leg cues, seat cues, rein cues.

Other care of the horses: includes but is not limited to
Stall cleaning
Water buckets-clean and fill
Feed Buckets-clean and fill
Barn maintenance/cleaning
Manure management-why is it important?
Learning about rescue horses at the farm and observing, and in some cases, helping rehab.
Introduction to and observation of hoof trimming, chiropractic care, laser and ultrasound therapy, massage therapy, essential oils, and herbs.


Do you need horse ex to do horse crazy camp?

yes, you must have completed at least one horse experience or have attended our summer camp in the past.

What time is camp?
8 am to 11 am for beginner camp
7:30 am to 11 am for advance camp
What should my child bring with them to camp?
Water bottle and extra water, snacks, and a change of clothes and shoes
What type of attire should my child wear?
Closed-toed shoes (NO SANDLES) leggings or blue jeans
When is the remaining payment due for camp?
The remaining payment is due at the start of the first day of camp
Is this just a riding camp?
No, this is a full-on horse experience where your child will learn about basic care of the horses.

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