Equestrian Education

Our lessons and experiences are structured to go at your own pace.

Lesson and Experiences Q&A

What is the difference between an experience and a lesson?

Experiences are made for beginners and great for anyone over the age of 3. During experiences, we teach grooming, tacking, and horse safety. We recommend doing several experiences before doing lessons. Lessons are geared towards those who know how to properly groom and tack up their horse. If you wish for your experience to be a lesson do understand that you may not ride your first couple of sessions until you can properly groom and tack up your horse.

What are the things I will learn during my Horse Experience?

During your experience, you will learn, horse safety, how to properly groom your horse, why it is important to groom before riding, how to tack up your horse, and the importance of saddle placement. You will learn and practice leading your horse, proper mounting and dismounting, and proper balance while in the saddle. These skills must be mastered before you are considered a full-lesson student.

Am I required to come weekly/monthly etc?

Our program is designed to work at your own pace. The more you come and do the faster you will learn. Every student is different and may require more or fewer horse experiences before mastering certain skills.

Will my child get the same horse every time?

No, your child may not get the same horse for each experience/lesson. Our horses are rescues and may not be able to do the lesson/experience on the day you book.

Can I book more than one child at a time?

You can book up to two children for each spot, if you wish to do a bigger group please contact us.

What is the age limit?

Ages 3 and up can do experiences and lessons are 8 and up. We recommend that you have several horse experiences before doing lessons.

Can I book over the phone?

We ask that you please use our online form to book your experiences. Package lessons will need to be booked via phone or email.

Can I have an afternoon lesson?

We currently only offer morning lessons and experiences. Our horses are happier in the morning and are conditioned to work in the mornings.

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