Penelope …… Please Donate To Her Recovery

July 10, 2018

Penny is looking so much better! She is still underweight so she gets extra feedings and is slowly gaining that weight back. Even though she looks 90% better from the outside we are still treating the inside to get her system working properly after being starved. These extra supplement will be given to her for quite a while still. Please don’t forget to donate for her care even though she’s looking better in the pictures!

May 2, 2018

Penelope was rescued from a life of neglect inflicted by uneducated owners. Because she was starved and uncared for she has a long list of medical issues as well as a long road to recovery but with your help we can give Penny the life she deserves!!

Here are just a few of the medical conditions we are aware of a this point:

  • Extreme lice Infestation causing intense inflammation, open oozing sores and hair loss to 80% of her body.
  • Overgrown hooves that are so long it is painful to stand and walk. This also causes pain through her whole body..
  • Lack of dental care resulted in sharp points on her teeth to cut into her gums making it painful to eat.
  • She was starved and with the damage starvation can cause she may need special food.
  • Internal parasites could be a possibility.

As you can see Penelope really needs your help right now and your support in the future!  Just to get her healthy we are estimating $1000 in medical care & nutritional support. Please consider making a monetary donation today!

There are several ways to donate:
1) Use your Visa or Mastercard to set up recurring donations.
2) Use your paypal account to set up recurring donations. Just click on the PayPal button below.
3) Use your Online Bill Payer offered by your bank to have a check sent to HHER each month.
4) Mail or drop off a check each month. 
5) Cash payments as we have a locked donation box in the arena.

7026 State Route 140, Edwardsville, Illinois 62025

Please donate!

5/2/18 Photos

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