Cowboy was rescued from a horse trader’s barn when he was 4 years old. He was loved by many children in his early years. Due to the small stature of Cowboy, his kids that he taught and partnered with would outgrow him. Cowboy has been at the farm/rescue teaching people about horses for 13 years. He has taught as many as 250 kids how to interact safely and humanely with horses!

Last year Cowboy was diagnosed with DLSD. It is a degenerative condition of the nucleal ligament that runs from the top of the head, down the spine, and down the hind legs to the bottom of the hind foot. He is unable to carry a rider’s weight without pain. Currently he is moving on his own without much pain and swelling, however, he does take some supplements to support this. Unfortunately, there is no cure for DLSD.

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