A little information on how a horse may end up at a rescue.

Some of our horses have had a good previous life in which the children that owned them simply outgrew them. These horses have been lucky enough to be donated to the rescue for educational purposes and will be life residents. They have become great lesson horses and contribute greatly to the beginners wanting to learn to ride. They help with groups that want to come to the rescue to be educated on the daily care of horses. They also help with the birthday parties and with the pony ride fundraisers days.

A horse can live a long time. Some horses have had their owners pass away or fall ill and could no longer take care of them. Some owners fall on hard times and have to find a new home for them quickly.

There are times a horse might become lame and be un-rideable. Some medical treatments can be very expensive.

Maybe the horse needs more training than what the owner is able to do.